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Petey, my 22 year and 5-month old cockatiel is dying. It started over two months ago when he go sick. He looked like the wild birds I'v...
My sweet pet and friend my zebra finch named Essix. She's dying, is there anything I can do? I'm taking anxiety attack after attack. My p...
We bought a lovebird from a lady a few months ago who neglected her. We had been working on socializing her and handling her. The past fe...
For the past couple of days my cockatiel has been pooping very water poops, usually when I come to the cage he is happy to see me and whi...
My next door nieghbour has found a baby magpie and it won't eat or do anything besides just lie down, what does she do?
We have a baby zebra finch in our cage. The bird can't fly yet but is on the floor of the cage. We put it back in the nest. Is is OK t...
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