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My Lineolated Parakeet was walking on his cage and got his foot caught. in a panic he flew away but scraped his foot while doing so. ther...
Please can anybody give me advice my cockatiel is about 15 now his feet seem not to be right it's like they have formed into growths on t...
This morning l saw that my few month old male cockatiel had a bad bruise on his left foot. My mum said she heard him fall from the top of...
Hello, I have a 9 months old Indian ringneck and yesterday she got her foot stuck when my sister was closing the closet doors,but she pu...
My conures toe nails are getting way too long. Does anyone have suggestions of how to do this at home? I sometimes try to "file" them w...
We have crows that are attacking our home. Our windows are slightly tinted (have been for over 20 years). The crows attack the windows ...
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