Birdwatchers Dream Group

This is a group for all members who enjoy Birdwatching/Birding. :)
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Has anyone here notice the absence of hummingbirds this year? We usually have a few even though the flowers are still blooming. It has be...
A friend and I feed a flock of city pigeons every day (Rock Doves), at about the same time,along with a flock of sparrows. There are nine...
I see this group is quiet hope others will come back, I have been feeding birds in my back land , and all of a sudden after 2 weeks cold ...
hello i have two questions about birds. which bird is the cleverest? which bird has a long lifetime?
What types of birds do you have in your backyard or at your feeders? Which of these you prefer?
Please feel free to share any photos, that you have taken, of birds here. :) If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me a...
You may post any photos of birds you have taken here, as well as talk about your love of Birding. :) Anything related to Birds and Birdwa...
I had a pair, male and female (Ann and Moise) in a birdhouse on my fence. The small wrens forced them out. They both fought them off but ...
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