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yesterday i have unprotected sex and my boyfriend ejaculated inside .am using nordette pills for prevention was supposed to take the pill...
My daughter just started her birth control last week. She is now on the second week of taking the pill and she got her period. It was a l...
Has anyone who has taken either yaz or yazmin been diagnosed with a pheochromocytoma? These drugs are known to cause this tumor in anima...
hi last week i had unprotected sex and am taking prevention pills so today i was supposed to take the pill at 8 i forgot i remembered at ...
Has anyone had excessive hair shedding start only a week or so after stopping pill? Everything I’m reading makes it sound that this shoul...
My breasts have shrunk from a large C to a small B! I noticed probably a month after it was inserted (my friends and boyfriend also ¬_¬) ...
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