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Birth Control (Contraception) Community

My girlfriend and I do not have sex. But three days ago while we dry hump, we were wearing pyjamas and underwear. Our pyjamas are thin an...
I have been put on Modafinil for my sleeping issues and it makes my birth control less effective according to my neurologist and pharmaci...
Hi, I've been using the Janess IUD for over two and a half years. At some point my period stopped, so most of this time, I haven't ha...
I've been taking the BC pills, Mononessa, since August 2016 and for the first 5 months I didn't have any major issues besides headaches. ...
yesterday i have unprotected sex and my boyfriend ejaculated inside .am using nordette pills for prevention was supposed to take the pill...
My daughter just started her birth control last week. She is now on the second week of taking the pill and she got her period. It was a l...
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