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WELCOME TO THE COMMUNITY: This Patient-To-Patient Community is for discussions relating to Bleeding Disorders. There are many types of blood disorders, including: bleeding disorders, platelet disorders, hemophilia and anemia.
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.WBC-12,RBC-4.10, HGB-9.9, HCT-32.6, MCV-79.5, MCH-24.1, MCHC-30.4, RDW-15.2, PLATELETS 489, WHAT CAN BE WRONG?
Symptoms of low platelet counts can be bleeding gums and nosebleeds. Thrombocytopenia refers to an abnormally low level of platelets in t...
The patient will likely be administered oxygen, either by a tube that is placed near the nose or through a clear plastic mask.Depending o...
My blood work showed RBC 4.13 (4.20-5.40) Immature Retic Fraction was high 0.53 (0.20-0.40) 61 year old post menopause woman. healthy. a...
Hi there, i am male 35 years old. Blood is a good source of DNA. During operation, if one man gives his blood to me , will it changes ...
I’ve had a sudden bowel ischemia, hence underwent a right hemicolectomy removal. I’m 25 healthy never been hospitalised before. All the t...
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