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This patient support community is for discussions relating to bone cancer, including bone tumors, osteosarcoma, Ewing's sarcoma and chondrosarcoma.
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Around five months ago, I developed pain in my joints. However, a couple of months ago, this turned into debilitating bone pain. The bone...
39 year old female: CBC labs have showed high lymphocytes for the past 4 years, but most recent CBC showed high lymphocytes, as well as h...
Over the past 7 months, I have developed worsening pain in joints which started in the front of my hips and lower back. The pain has spre...
I have a completely painless bump attached to my tailbone the diameter of a quarter and 2.5 centimeters at its apex. I am not sure how lo...
I apologize if this is the wrong forum, but I think folks dealing with bone cancer may have the best experience to answer my question. I...
Hi. I got diagnosed with a bone tumour which had been cut out. I spoke to my doctor today and he told me that my tumour was benign but me...
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