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A group dedicated to the discussion and proliferation of books.
I give books instead of cards for birthdays and holidays. I put a book plate in the front and write on it just as I would a card. Anyon...
Have you read any of Kathy Reichs 's novels ? Ms. Reichs is a forensic anthropologist in real life. Her novels are terrific. Kathy Re...
Has anyone ever told you that you use books as a way of avoiding reality?
I have just finished my third Margaret Atwood novel. Anyone else read her books?
I enjoy reading all kinds of books, including those by American authors. Do Americans enjoy reading books by English authors? If so, wh...
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A list of national and international resources and hotlines to help connect you to needed health and medical services.
Herpes sores blister, then burst, scab and heal.
Herpes spreads by oral, vaginal and anal sex.
STIs are the most common cause of genital sores.
Condoms are the most effective way to prevent HIV and STDs.
PrEP is used by people with high risk to prevent HIV infection.