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Brain & Body Fitness Forum

Welcome to the Brain and Body Fitness Forum: Where Neuroscience Meets Physical Training. This forum is for questions, support and advice related to how the brain controls your body through motor and sensory networks. This forum will provide information related to motor function, sensory networks, balance, coordination and physical training.
I had arthoscopy with a microfracture on my knee January 06, 2014. The pain post surgery is worse than the pain before (and different) a...
I want to go.on a diet .. I now weigh 276 and want to drop 100 .. what would be the most effective way and best way to go about doing tha...
I am about to be seven weeks pregnant and I have already hit 200 lbs! I don't want to get any bigger than this. Is it okay to diet and ex...
Now I am studying for my exams , does the exercises will help me or not ??
If you heavily binge drink about once a month or less, can that affect the muscles you've gained or the cardio endurance you've built up ...
not Sure if this is this kind of thinking is unique to me due to being blessed with autism or not. It seems like my entire life, livin...
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