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Welcome to the Brain and Body Fitness Forum: Where Neuroscience Meets Physical Training. This forum is for questions, support and advice related to how the brain controls your body through motor and sensory networks. This forum will provide information related to motor function, sensory networks, balance, coordination and physical training.
I'm a 16 yr old girl and I weigh 112.6 lbs. I can't gain any weight over 120lbs, I haven't been able to for 3-5 yrs. I have belly fat tha...
How long after a concussion is it normal to still be feeling nauseous and have difficulty with memory, balance etc. I got hit in the face...
My daughter 25, and 50kgs, was using the exercycle last night and altho she was only pedalling at a 5-60 rpm her heart beat went up to 1...
I am suppose to be a college athlete but first day of "practice" we were squatting and I was doing lighter weight then I normally use but...
My daughter is 14 years old and many times at night I notice that she wakes up because her arm falls asleep.. she is very young what coul...
I quit drinking alcohol over 2 years ago. I started on an antidepressant, Citalopram 20mg daily, and Ambien 5 mg. daily. I started in col...
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