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Welcome to the Brain and Body Fitness Forum: Where Neuroscience Meets Physical Training. This forum is for questions, support and advice related to how the brain controls your body through motor and sensory networks. This forum will provide information related to motor function, sensory networks, balance, coordination and physical training.
I'm 16 and I have been having this weird tingly feeling all over my body after exercise and or when I play sports, It happens randomly. T...
Hi, I am 22 years old and fear I may be suffering from low testosterone. My mood is very up and down. When it's down i feel physically we...
Hye..i just want to ask if women who have epilepsy She can pregnant or not?
Started a diet im eating wat I consider healthy but im only consuming 1000 calories a day is that considerd a good way to loose weight
Is is possible for me to lose 15 lbs in a month and a half? I am 14 years old, and 5'5:) I have been trying to lose the weight, but I nev...
i think im going insane and i need help eyes watch me there everywhere and i dont like it yestoday it made me cry and i nearly never cry ...
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