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Welcome to the Brain and Body Fitness Forum: Where Neuroscience Meets Physical Training. This forum is for questions, support and advice related to how the brain controls your body through motor and sensory networks. This forum will provide information related to motor function, sensory networks, balance, coordination and physical training.
My sister in law and her aunt have these episodes where they start to feel funny, then they faint and lose consciousness for about a minu...
Hello my name is Travis. I am 21 years old and have been experiencing very scary symptoms for the past couple years now. Every time i hit...
I tried a new coffee brand and seemed to get some good boast. But the next day I had some fried chicken ,then had the same coffee brand...
My 25 yr daughter has suddenly been gaining weight over the past 4-5 months....she hardly eats or over eats and skips breakfast...what co...
My breast are sagging and I was wondering how can I get them looking back right without getting a breast job done ..
I'm a 15 years old girl my height is 155 cm and my weight is between 40 kg and 39 kg is that accepteble?
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