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WELCOME TO ANEURYSM THE COMMUNITY: This Patient-To-Patient Community is for discussions relating to Brain Aneurysms which is a weak or thin spot on a blood vessel in the brain that balloons out and fills with blood. The bulging aneurysm can put pressure on a nerve or surrounding brain tissue. It may also leak or rupture, spilling blood into the surrounding tissue (called a hemorrhage). Some cerebral aneurysms, particularly those that are very small, do not bleed or cause other problems. Cerebral aneurysms can occur anywhere in the brain, but most are located along a loop of arteries that run between the underside of the brain and the base of the skull.
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After having a MRI done of my husband's brain/brain-stem w/o contrast, the report says: SIGNIFICANT ABNORMALITY, ATTN NEEDED. 1. Nonspeci...
Hey guys for the past 4 months I've been having this very strange pop/zap like sensation to the back of my head on the right side. It hap...
My mother had a subarachnoid brain hemorrhage from an aneurysm at 37 years old. Her health is still awful; she smokes and drinks heavily,...
My father dies in his mid forties due to a ruptured brain aneurysm causing a sub arachnoid brain hemorrhage. I am curious as a man in hi...
It is located at the ICA-MCA junction. I briskly walk 3 miles 5 days a week. Should I stop exercising until I see my Dr? Appt is Dec 9th.
I recently had an MRI to try to determine the cause of my prolonged double vision, and the doctor said that although he could find nothin...
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