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This forum is for questions and discussions relating to brain tumors, such as: Causes, Chemotherapy, Diagnosis, Genetic Factors, Quality of Life, Radiation Therapy, Research, Risk Factors, Surgery, Symptoms, Treatments-Other.
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I was recently diagnosed with acromegaly cannot get into the Nero until July 1st, and I am very very anxiousaned maybe in denial. My IGF...
Hello, Perhaps I should have posted this question in the Mental Health forum . . . about three years ago I suffered an injury to my h...
I'm new here. I just found out via a CT scan in the emergency that I have a xanthogranuloma lesion on top of my left parietal lobe. I fou...
Male 32 years old.. hypertension. Taking Metoprolol, Lisinipril and Zoloft (anxiety and panic) About 2 weeks ago I went to the doctor ...
Hello Doctor I’m a 21 years old male. Since last week I started having a headache. About a day after I developed the headache I started ...
Hi My father(57) was diagnosed with a temporal lobe tumour yesterday(size of tangerine). We are seeing a neuro surgeon today for trea...
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