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I have two tumors in right breast - one 2.5 cm on right side and a 1.5 cm DCIS in another quadrant, so multi centric. I got neoadjuvant t...
I been having breast pain in both breasts 12 days before my period . It lasts few days . It’s more like breast feeling heavy and sensitiv...
Hello everyone. I finished chemotherapy 5 weeks ago for Stage I BC and just finished the first week of radiation to my right breast. I ha...
Stage 2 breast cancer (T2, N0, MX), grade 1. Had lumpectomy 04/21/20, negative lymph node but got positive margin. Considering getting ma...
I was diagnosed with breast ductal invasive carcinoma at grade 3. I had a lumpectomy done and I’m going to start chemo next week. Wh...
I had a CT scan and Bone scan done on the same day. The CT scan came back with a ill-defined sclerotic lesion present in the posterior ri...
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