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CBS Soaps Group

Welcome To Anyone who would like to chat about any TV shows That are on now or The CBS Soaps.
what happened to this group??.....nobody watches tv anymore?
Ok how about this. What was your all time favorite Tv show ? old or new.
Hey is there anyone out there that is watching the new season of American Idol? What do you think of this being Simons last season? I m...
Has anyone seen the movie 2012 ? its out in the theaters now I was wondering if it was worth going to see or wait until it comes out on...
It is my favorite show. It often drives me nuts but I tune in every week. I won't even take phone calls when it's on....LOL Anyone els...
Hey I just rented the land of the lost and my kids really liked it. So if you have kids its a good one to rent.
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