A group for all the ladies who have been on clomid or are about to start.We can share information about the drug and help and support each other along the way.
doc called said i dint O on my 50mg clomid so up my dose to 100mg.god i hope 100mg works.
what is AF..and BFP.. im confused still trying to learn these short abbrea...me im a more of a word person thta may sound silly
so im having so crampijng in my ovaries just a lil I don't know to stop or keep taking them cause I ve only two more dayz then Im itching...
Im on day 3 of clomid and having some hot flahes is this a sign it's working??? im just a lil impatience about it all so ready for my BFP...
so I take my first pill tomorrow of clomid im so excited about it all im just ready to have my bundle of joy God is going to bless me wit...
so this is my first time around with clomid and I start the 9th and wondering is there and successfully pregnancy first trys praying my f...
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