A group for all the ladies who have been on clomid or are about to start.We can share information about the drug and help and support each other along the way.
After 2 rounds of Clomid 50 mg and no ovulation, I was put on 100 mg. I ovulated on Day 19 on my last round of Clomid 100mg. In everyon...
Ok say if my period go off today and the doc told me to start the 9th don't I surpose to start clomid The day after yur period
I finished my last pill on my last round of clomid day5-9 and I'm sitting at inlaws and all of a sudden my back/side (right side) starts ...
I started taking clomid and prenatal vitamins right around the same time a few months ago. My hair has been shedding big time. I didn't t...
am on comid days 3to7 50mg got day 21 blood work back and it said 13 doc said anything over 10 was ovulaten has anyone thats on clomid ha...
its my first clomid cycle . already 23day passed.. so im worried. don't knw what will happen.im taking medicine for pcos by my back home ...
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