A group for all the ladies who have been on clomid or are about to start.We can share information about the drug and help and support each other along the way.
I started my first round of clomid today. The doctor said since I had not had any periods for a while, that I could start taking the clom...
I just got my first round of clomid- its ready to go! I've been told to start on cd3 and take for 5 days. 50mg tabs. I am also to contin...
Hi everyone, I took Clomid & got pregnant 1st round back in Sept 2008 but had a m/c. All other rounds of clomid didn't work for me so we ...
I got my progesterone level today it is 41, does anyone know what that means????
Has anyone had success on Clomid after the dose was increased? The doctor had me on 50mg for two cycles. This cycle (round 3) he has in...
Hi ladies Im on my 5th round of Clomid on day 19th and no O! Can I still O this round???
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