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We are a science- and evidence-based medical support and information site. We provide sound, substantiated advice to our members and read...
Not sure if I have Covid or a flu - I generally loose my taste and smell but this time it’s day 5 and still no taste and smell - the cong...
What do we have? Not too runny. But a cough that that wants to remove our lungs. Little bit of mucus comes up but pretty dry. Deep. Ears...
Last Wednesday I got the Moderna Spikevax as my wife had tested positive for Covid last weekend. The first day was not bad at all (like ...
It's always been free of charge in the US. I haven't heard yet if it will be administered free of charge as it has previously.
I have the symptom three mouths, headache, low fevar
I ask because in my area there's three different places offering them, (1) a Wallgreens drugstore (2) my doctor's office and (3) the coun...
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