Cancer in Pets Forum

This forum is for pet health questions regarding Cancer Treatment. Questions will be answered by a veterinarian.
Hi I have a 12year old boxer we found a lump on his hind leg over the last few weeks it had grown in size so two weeks ago we brought him...
Hello all! My beautiful, loving belgian bouvier was recently diagnosed with lymphoma. He is on steroids ( prednisone) and is doing well...
I saw from an earlier post that a person had their dog diagnosed with histocytic sarcoma and Aleda Cheng referred to an anti cancer diet ...
I have an almost 3 year old Yorkie. Last week I brought her to the vet because she cried when I picked her up. The vet found an enlarged ...
My dog had a Mast Cell Tumor removed from the top of his right ear with margins measuring 0.50 CM - 0.75 CM and deep margin is about 0.25...
My dog has had two surgerys in the last two months which contisted of removing mast cell tumors. First one was grade 2, second was grade...
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