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A few weeks ago, I fell asleep and about 2 hours later I woke up and had excruciating pain in my right shoulder. I also have pain in my ...
hi i am female, 31 years old, australian. last christmas (about 9 months ago) i noticed a small hard lump on my right chest (just abov...
i had s surgery last april 17,2009 wherein my left ovary was removed due to twisted mature cystic teratoma. after a week, my histopath re...
Since completing tx in March '08 (chemo 8/07 - 1/08; rads in Feb. & mid Mar. '08), I got my yearly mammogram in 4/08and yesterday, 4/09. ...
My 5yr old daughter has had very enlarged lymph nodes for over 6mths. At first, it was a 3-4cm cervical node on the right side. She now h...
My fiance had a Pap smear today and a lump the size of a dime was found on her cervix. I need a straight answer here. How bad is this? I ...
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