Cardiac Syndrome X- cardiac microvascular dysfunction Group

Vasopastic angina of small heart vessels with normal coronary arteries confirmed by cardiac cath. Main symptoms are shortness of breath and chest tightness or pain on exertion and/or chest pain, not on exertion.
Hello and so glad to have found people that understand! I'm totally freaked out by this but have found comfort in reading that many of yo...
This has pleased me so much as this seems to have been such a long journey to a more debilitating state. I hope this helps doctors, nurse...
I think I may have this... my story so far...I have had a lot of tight chest pain and breathlessness with pain in my jaw and left arm whi...
Well these past couple of days have been very good! Increased nitro by adding another 0.4mg patch bringing me up to .16mg 24/7. No chest ...
I have Microvascular Angina. I am 52 year old woman and I had small heart attack recently and still have frequent angina. Can anyone re...
This is Joan. I've been waiting for some changes here at the group so we could just comment without having to ask a question. I sometimes...
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