Changes Group

A place where everyone who wants to can come to share how they have or want change in their life. The "why's", "how to's", and differences made in one's life is a personal choice to share. Any type of encouragement will be welcomed.
Outwardly, I appear to be an organized person. I’m a conscientious and successful student. I keep my planner up-to-date. I show up for my...
What drives you to finally give up on old ways?
Do you eagerly embrace the possibilities that will come with change?
http://www.narcissism101.com/ ..... I am including this because there may be some others out there interested in knowing about this...
Change takes time...more time than I have had patience for. Life has other plans and no matter how much I might wish to "snap my finger...
To achieve your life goals you must often change your behavior. This is often not easy to do because your behavior never lies. It is alw...
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