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Welcome to the International Chemotherapy forum. Questions related to lung cancer will be answered by a medical doctor.
Has anyone been dealing with low platlets due to chemo meds. If they take me off of it for more than 2 wks the pain gets unbearable.I be...
age 73 past diagnosed : hypertension , glaucoma, osreoporosis 'astma diagnosed : right beast carcinoma - stage IIA T2 N0 MO ...
I have posted before while I was on the Avastin Folfox chemo. I have mucinous cystadenocarcinoma found at stage 3B/C in June of 2007. P...
My sister is being treated for breast cancer ( IDC, triple negative status, Grade 3, Stage 2B, post lumpectomy with clear margins, 1 node...
I posted a question to the doctor but I posted it on the overium forum. Name is Tecla. Can you as chemotherapy expert answer my questions...
I've had 3 surgeries for breast cancer. Lymph nodes were 8 out of 12 positive but the last 3 were microscopic. Can Neupogen be used in ...
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