Child Behavior Forum

This forum is for questions and support regarding child behavior issues such: Child Discipline (behavior management), Normal Child Development, Parent-Child Communications, Social Development
My son is a year old. His father never wanted me to have him, & now is barely involved in my sons life. He only sees him when its conveni...
My brother remarried a few yrs. ago. He married a girl with 3 children of her own from a previous marriage. My brother is kind, considera...
My 3.9 year old daughter was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder in 10/2012 but could it be more? We started in-home behaviorist, family ...
Let me start off by saying I would love my son NO MATTER WHAT!!! and would always be accepting of him, as I truely think he is the most ...
My 2 year old son told me that his 8 year old half sister touches his pe-pe and i tried to catch her in the act but came in too soon is t...
I am the single mother of an 8 year daughter, who is an only child. Recently under history on our iPad I seen where she had been googlin...
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