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This forum is for questions and support regarding child nutrition issues such as: Acne and food, Allergies and food, Balanced Menus, Diabetes, Finicky Eaters, Healthy Snacks, Nutrition, Weight Loss.

To help the Registered Dietitian evaluate your child's nutritional status, please state your child's weight (in kg or lbs.), height, and age in the content of your question.
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hi my son cj was born 6 weeks premerature and weighed 5lb at birth he was in the neonatal care unit for 10 days then came home he had bri...
Ok my son is 10 weight 53 lbs and has weird blood sugars. His A1c was 5.6.. doctor is lost. He has Gerds and dumping had a gtube for 4...
my 7 year old son will not eat and has starting hiding food in his napkin and sitting on it untill i move away from the table and see him...
hi my kid mercedes is 11 and 4, 7 .it look to me she is underweight but she eat good and she health so i give her pills to gain weight or...
Hi My son is 7 months almost 8 and weighs 17lbs 11ozs just had him weighed today and after 2 weeks of losing an ounce he has gained 3 oun...
My son was born premature born at 35 1/2 weeks weighing 4lbs 1oz. He has been diagnosed as failure to thrive throughout his childhood and...
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