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My GP is encouraging me to take a statin but despite asking he hasn’t explained my numbers. I am eager to try myself first. How bad are t...
I am a 23 year old Male, 5'10 and 150 pounds. I recently had my cholesterol measured and was slightly surprised by my triglyceride levels...
my Apo B is 100 mg/dl. This is OK. My Aop A1 is 137 mg/dl. Should be>115. Ratio Apo B/Apo A1=0.73. Should be <0.77. My Lipoprotein ...
Two years ago my cholesterol was 146, HDL68, LDL-C, 64, triglycerides 67, cardiologist pit me on rovustatin. Since then my overall choles...
Yes you read that right. My wife has LOW cholesterol and below the bottom of the range LDL. I have tried searching on-line and the se...
Rx Lipitor 10 mg g a.m. x 2weeks .Lipid panel has been abnormal for a long time. Total Cholesterol 198 HDL 90 Triglycerides 170. Notice...
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