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Female, 67. Familial Hypercholesterol. Total = 361, LDL = 270. HDL = 71. VLDL = 23. TRI = 115. Cardiac Calcium Score = 6. (previou...
I see a psychiatrist and am in multiple medications(GeneralizedAnxietyDisorder and Bipolar2). My psychiatrist has me get a blood work up ...
Hi All, Recently I have gone through Lipid Profile Test and my triglyceride came as 458 mg/dL. Most online portal (American Heart Associa...
I'm 62, and after being diagnosed with "high cholesterol about 12 years ago, I've been on simvastatin (20mg). This has always been an ent...
LDL = 213, HDL = 85, Triglycerides = 36. What does this mean? Does this point to me having the "good" LDL? Since the HDL and the triglyce...
As a 49yr old male 5'9 177 lbs, active, non-smoker no family history of heart disease, I had the below cholesterol reading which resulted...
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