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COPD (never smoked), left paralyzed diaphragm, CTEPH, DVT, 3 blood clots in lungs, Factor V Leiden, hypoxia, afib None of my doctors are...
I have COPD and bullous emphysema. I have had pneumonia for several months. I have done levaquin, then 20 days of cefepime IV 3 times a d...
Room Air pH 7.41 7.36-7.42 Final pCO2 44 35-45 mmHg Final tCO2 28.9 24.0-32.0 mEq/L Final pO2 61 L 80-115 mmHg Final O2 Sa...
Reading up on emphysema cause my husband has less than 22 percent lung capacity 2 years ago. Hes 47
My husband was recently told by a doctor that he has early emphysema. He is not a smoker, but he has used the cpap for several years now...
I have pulmonary fibrosis.want to relate to others
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