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Hi all. My dad has been an alcoholic for at least 40 years. He was drinking a 12 pack a day. We noticed he started turning yellow about a...
I am new to this group and have noted several questions seeking help for treatment of their specific issues. Whether or not your disease...
Hi all, I drink about 4 16oz of bottle water daily. Also have a cup of coffee or two per day. I have seen some info that too much liqu...
Other than the bloated stomach are there any other symptoms of ascites? Such as vomiting, pain/discomfort, swollen ankles etc? .....J...
Looking for opinions if statins are ok to take or not in patients who have cirrhosis? That is, those who are taking statins prior to hav...
I have stage 4 cirrhosis. I had Tips procedure done 3 days ago. i have 17 days sober. Im starting back work next week. loctulose has hit ...
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