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Cáncer Community

Este foro es para hacer preguntas y encontrar apoyo sobre cosas relacionadas a cáncer.
71/male/ MRI done. T/C ankulosing spondylitis. Findings: T1W/T2W hypointense changes with associated heterogeneously hyperintense STIR si...
CT scans of left shoulder area show numerous tendrils emerging from the Teres area extending around the scapula to the ribs causing painf...
I don't know if I have cancer. I had a colonoscopy performed recently and the results came back negative - no colon cancer. However, I fe...
Hi l am a 48 year old male. Recently l have been getting a slight pain in my lower left abdomen , but l only get the pain when l am in be...
I have no masses or cysts. A small lesion on my pancreas. I cannot find out, anywhere, what the percentage rate is as to whether this ...
Several fluid density lesions are noted about the left kidney, indicative of simple cysts. However, there is a complex lesion located wit...
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