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Had fever for 36 hours 100.6, body ache, no cough ,after two days i could'nt smell (smell was there but very less) or taste (taste for sw...
I have been dealing with the most annoying virus for the last 3-4 weeks. It started off with swollen lymph nodes in my neck (those have s...
A few days ago, on Tuesday I felt my left side of throat hurt when swallowing and yawning and the pain kind of went all the way from the ...
I've asked this question before with no valid answer. The question below was asked but not answered in pain management. It's a good descr...
It all started late January. I had a night out and the next day I woke up, and had a horrible throat pain. It hurt when I swallowed. Afte...
March 1st at 4 am, technically March 2nd, I woke up with a fever of 103. The fever persisted as low grade even with medications. (Advil a...
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