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I got a cold mid-February which turned into a sinus cold. The sinus congestion cleared up and then I had severe post nasal drip, where fo...
Last Monday I wasn't feeling good. I had a sore throat, congestion and headache. I woke up Tuesday morning feeling worse! I also had a co...
Why does my entire body hurt and struggle to move? This is paired with my struggling to breathe after walking for any amount of time, cop...
I have been dealing with the most annoying virus for the last 3-4 weeks. It started off with swollen lymph nodes in my neck (those have s...
hi im wondering if you could possiably give me some advice to get rid of this really agitating cough i have had for the past seven weeks....
Hello all, I have been suffering from a virus for approximately two weeks, that has included runny nose, sore throat, drainage, etc. y...
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