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Is there treament for lingual nerve damage that was bumped during the extraction of a wisdom tooth? The surgeon said the tooth was deepe...
I am a professional opera singer faced with requiring sinus lift surgery before implants are possible. Is there any negative case histor...
OK - I was at the dentist the other day to get my permanent crown put in and he insisted on doing full x-rays, etc. since I haven't seen ...
I had a tooth removed in Sunday due to the amount of pain the nerve was causing me, but the tooth was very hard to remove as the roots wh...
Had sinus sugery 4 days ago (fixed deviated septum, right turbinate reduction, sinus drainage hole enlarged). Gum pain is a lot worse tha...
On March 25th I had all of my 14 lower teeth extracted and then received an immediate full denture and while it's been a chore in of itse...
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