Coronary Heart Disease (CAD) Community

I had a heart cath done and they found a 30% blockage in one of my arteries (one that supplies 40% of the blood to your heart). I'm only...
Hi all together! Sorry Forum my bad english, Im from Germany. You can read my question up in the titel. I also search for people ...
My husband is 83 and needs his pig valv replaced. What are his chances.
I m 31 years old man. Last few days i m facing serious discomfort in my middle and left of the chest with burning. even occasionally i fe...
Hi my name is Kimberly I am 42, overweight. non smoker... Never had high blood pressure or cholesterol . I have had Holter Monitors, ...
I am a 24 year old male who is having different type of pain on different days. This started last year in october, I had a fall off m...
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