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Questions in the Cosmetic Surgery forum are answered by Dr. Howard Rosenberg and Dr. Wolfeld. Topics include bariatric surgery reconstruction, breast augmentation, chemical peels, cosmetic or reconstructive surgery, face lift, nose reconstruction, and tummy tucks.
Hi, My mom, who is 53 years old and in very healthy condition, got a tummy tuck about 3 1/2 months ago, and is experiencing extremely ab...
I recvd implants approx 3 years ago. One is fine, but the other was encapsulated, it is itchy, and tender. I had surgery about 1 1/2 ye...
Hi, I asked a question before about fat grafting to the buttocks. Now I have a question about PMMA body fillers. Is it safe for someone w...
I had a breast reduction a little more than 5 weeks ago and I have this open wound that seems like it is never going to heal. Every time ...
I had breast implants done in 2003. Smooth, round, saline filled, 350cc - 400cc and submuscular. When I lean forward, my implants turn ...
My 4-year-old daughter suffered a bad fall recently - she was standing on a chair and fell face-first onto a concrete floor. She had a t...
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