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"We're going to have a shutdown": Trump blames Democrats in video tweet From CNN's Liz Stark In a video released on Twitter Friday ...
By Sally Kohn, CNN Political Commentator Updated 12:53 PM ET, Mon December 3, 2018 (CNN) Hey Republicans, grow up! When my youn...
He's a US citizen born in Philadelphia. He says ICE detained him anyway By Catherine E. Shoichet, CNN Updated 2:23 AM ET, Tue December ...
(CNN)Matthew Whitaker, the acting US attorney general, was on the advisory board of a Florida company that was shut down by the Federal ...
Whitey Bulger Is Dead in Prison at 89; Long-Hunted Boston Mob Boss Image James (Whitey) Bulger in a police booking photo after a 1953...
No link but was just wondering what thoughts were of this approaching caravan?
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