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Commander of aircraft carrier hit by coronavirus removed for 'poor judgment' after sounding alarm By Ryan Browne, Zachary Cohen and Jami...
By Jeff Zeleny, Senior Washington Correspondent Updated 3:52 PM ET, Thu April 16, 2020 Lansing, Michigan (CNN)Gov. Gretchen Whitmer w...
Washington (CNN)President Donald Trump's twin assertions this week of absolute power to reopen the country and unilateral authority to ad...
I'm wondering what everyone is thinking about the new coronavirus, COVID-19. I'm reading a variety of articles on all sides - some sayin...
https://www.politico.com/story/2019/07/25/biden-trump-2020-election-ohio-poll-1433607 The above article has Biden out in front of Trum...
https://news.yahoo.com/nypd-officer-kills-himself-amid-020021689.html Another cop suicide.... I don't know. I have so many mixed emo...
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