December 2012 Babies Group

Group for women expecting their baby(ies) anytime during December of 2012. This is a place to ask questions, share stories, and celebrate!
Hey ladies! i was due Dec 1 but i went into labor on 24th nov and finally my baby arrived on 25th of Nov.M so happy but being FTM i ...
Though the timing was not perfect and the outcome is not as perfect as I would have liked... I finally have my baby. I was not due until ...
im now 35wks and 1cm..my dr plans to induce meat 37wks due to myhigh bp...but im cramping so bad,,period cramps, my back feels like it ca...
Its finally our time!!!!! I'm due December 12 with a girl also a ftm...what about you ladies
feather2e gave birth to a little girl last night! Hope I'm next :) As we get closer to December I expect to see more post about babies be...
Uggh, the past few days I have been feeling icky. First my nose started running non-stop, now my throat is a bit sore and I have a headac...
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