Deep Vein Thrombosis Community

I had on my ECG Vent rate 70 bpm PR interval 144ms QRS duration 90ms QT/QTc 412/444 ms P-R-T axes 43 43 29 I want to know if I'm...
Hello, I posted a question earlier but am not sure if it is here, so forgive me if there are two posts. I am having pain in my left foot...
Good day DVT community, Hope you're doing well! Couple of days ago I failed a brief painful sensation on my right knee which I ignored...
I have Hidradenitis Supperativa so it's not abnormal for me to have lumps and boils on my armpit and groin area. I have had an hs lump th...
About two weeks ago I started having pains on the left-hand side of my torso also presenting with lumps running vertically down my torso,...
I'm afraid I might have a blood clot, however I've had the pain for a few months and its gotten progressively worse. Now it hurts every d...
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