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I was recently told by MRI results that I have gliosis of the right parietal lobe white matter. Also, a prominent perivascular space. I...
I have been told by my doctors that lumbar MRIs are not used to diagnose multiple sclerosis. Can you give me information on this? I am in...
Hi I have had some extremely weird symptoms lately and my doctor looks at me like I am nuts. All of this has happened progressively ...
sir, my mother Alpana Talukdar is suffering from mnd for 2yrs. we were treated wrongly,while dctr told her that she had made a minor ...
I have been in a wheelchair for all my life because of spina bifida. When I was a child, my legs(and especially my feet) were badly defor...
After a recent mri I've unexpectedly been told I need c3-c7 fused after removing the disks and replacing with cages and cadaver bone/plas...
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