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I had a root canal performed on my front tooth. I had a temporary crown, and it ended up falling out. I was without a crown for two days....
I am having and adverse reaction to certain dental ceramics. I have written to the companies that make the ceramics and they say it has n...
Hello everyone, since 4 weeks I have on the inside part of the cheeks an inflamamtion and it s looking red inflated since it gives me pro...
Last month, I saw a dentist for the first time for a checkup. They spotted an "obvious shadow" above my first upper-left premolar that ha...
All of a sudden this thing popped : https://www.imagebam.com/view/ME1A0EU What is this
This afternoon, i was eating some cereal, and one quarter of my rear molar on the left side of my mouth just broke off at the gum line......
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