Depersonalization/ Derealization Group

For people who Suffer from Depersonalization or Derealization. Please join so we can help one another. XOXOX
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I think I have Derealization for the pass 4 weeks I have felt that I have been in a dream and I'm walking outside of my body, lightheaded...
Hello forum! I've had this very weird feeling now for a few months....it's hard to describe....it's like I'm living outside of my body...
I've been suffering derealization due to anxiety, it's been at its worst for about a month now! I take Zoloft 50mg and I'm attending my f...
SPREAD AWARENESS ABOUT DEPERSONALIZATION No one knows what depersonalization is, and it is a big problem. My psychologist had no clue ho...
Heres my story, I used to have very bad OCD, but it sort of faded as the years went by. Im not really into the whole drinking and weed th...
I am new in this group. I need support, because my panic attacks are out of control and I'm going for therapy starting tomorrow. Where ...
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