Depression and Anxiety Group

Group to support and relate to those who are pleagued with these horrible symptoms. Want to be like a family for those who dont have a family support Group. Share what has helped and what hasn't
Hi I suffer with health anxiety have done for 7 months now does any one have areal sense of fear I am off balance my legs are jelly I get...
hi i am new in this group find out from a doctor i have anxiety and depression they called it situantional anxiety and depression.he pr...
I need help I am 22 years of age and have a three year old son four months ago I ended a six year relationship with my sons father. I end...
I have been fighting this when menopause set in. I cant stand the spaced out and unsteady feeling I get. Sometimes the only relief I get ...
hi.. i m 22 and newly married. within one week of my newly married life, i came to know that my husband is speaking to another girl. he a...
I need an anxiety buddy! No one in my family or small group of friends understands what I'm going through. I'm not sure I do!
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