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I have been suffering extreme anxiety from HIV phobia and taking anti depressant Lexapro 10 mg for a week. I was told by doctor I cannot ...
The warning is for age 25 and younger for an increase in suicide ideation and actual attempts. I'm wondering if that is just when the med...
I am anxious and constantly worry about my health and crap. I know I haven't been living my life responsibly and that's why I'm unhealthy...
I moved into a new building on March 1st after living in a rooming house for a year, this move was a good move, I'm not living in a hell ...
Okay, ever since I was little maybe 3rd grade, I have had serious intense day dreams. It would mostly be with music, of me dreaming of si...
Hi, my daughter is 14 years old and her ex-boyfriend is 15. They meet at school and spent alot of time together for 6 weeks. He would com...
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