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Hello, I have been taking 20 mgs of fluoxetine now since the summer. I was watching a documentary and heard about a case where a woman wa...
- Female - 28 years old - 5’2 - 100lbs - No history of smoking - Alcohol use on a rare basis (one glass of wine per month-ish) - No...
hi i have been sick for 6 months with nausea, dizzyness mainly and brain fog, confusion, weight loss etc etc i have been tested for ee...
Wondering if anyone has had any noticable changes/experiences between generic drugs and name-brands??? Specifically regarding anti-depres...
(befor you coment i know it was wrong and ****** thats why im posting hear for help on moveing forward) ok so i write this after seeing o...
I started taking neuxam tablet on my own bcz i cant sleep i overthink too much and now I feel like my ears are blocked while sleeping is ...
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