Detox from Home off Methadone Group

If you’re reading this, odds are you’ve already made a decision to come off of Methadone. Having kicked Methadone I would like to share how I detoxed myself at home and would like to share my experience and some tips…that worked for me. The process is difficult. It takes endurance. It takes work. It takes committment. It takes willingness. And that being said, once you've made that decision and follow through on it, I can tell you that what lies on the other side...being clean & knowing that after you made it through the hardest and most toughest time that you seem you wasn't gonna make it you overcome it and it is well worth any fight you might undergo. Each individual will experience the following to varying degrees dependent upon your time on Methadone, dosage, age, other pre-existing physical and emotional issues. Not everyone will experience each of these side effects. The WD symptoms & PAWS are a waiting game and you have to play it out to end. THEY ARE HOWEVER, A NORMAL PART OF THE PROCESS…JUST NOT PLEASANT WITHDRAWAL & POST ACUTE WITHDRAWAL SYMPTOMS Anxiety Increase in blood pressure Feeling that you're jumping out of your skin Diarrhea Vomiting Sweating Goosebumps Leg & back/shoulder pain Sleep deprivation Dehyrdration Depression Lethargy Rapid-fire sneezing Runny eyes/nose Unrelenting coughing NON-ADDICTING COMFORT MEDICATIONS Clonodine: BP med (you'll need an RX). It both lowers your heightened BP as well as lowering anxiety. VERY effective Antihistamine: For sneezing/runny nose/runny eyes Kaoptectate: For diarrhea Quinine: for leg spasms Advil/Motrin for same & back aches Valerinan Root/Melatonin: for sleep HELPFUL HINTS Drink LOTS of water and/or Gatorade to replace lost electrolytes Eat bananas to replace potassium...helps with muscle spasms Eat small amounts frequently (non spicey) Stay AWAY from caffine (including sodas with caffeine) Take LOTS of hot showers/baths...until you're like a prune. It's emotionally soothing and helps with spasms in back/legs Heating pad on lower back & on calves can help The sleep deprivation is probably the longest lasting effects of Methadone WD. It's frustrating, it's anxiety producing and depressing...but you won't die from it. Exercise...lightly in the beginning. You can start by walking. Build up your endorphin/serotonin levels. This will greatly aid with sleep, depression and energy. Keep your goals VERY small to start. Just getting up and showering may tax your energy level. Make sure to eat and drink water. And most importantly,. DON'T QUIT BEFORE THE MIRACLE! Allow GOD to help you see you through and remember THIS TOO SHALL PASS. [email protected] if you have questions
Im on 75 mils and want to get off methodone,what would you sugest to do for a start before i do something stupid.O yea im 47 years old a...
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