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Tips to reduce belly fat.
Hello all. I'm new here and have a question. My daughter Laura is diagnosed with gestational diabetes. She's currently on medications,...
What is the ideal blood sugar range during 34 week. My post meal is around 140. Please advise
I'm heart broken just found out I have gestational diabetes! Anyone else on the same boat? What are you doing different to get better?
Every woman is tested and some fail. Does it always mean you have gestational diabetes to fail the first test or do some fail and turn o...
Are the chances of developing gestational diabetes to DM2 high?
This type affects females during pregnancy. Some women have very high levels of glucose in their blood, and their bodies are unable to p...
I can't figure where I can update my range. Can someone please help me?
i have been measuring my blood sugar levels recently and it seems that mainly my problem is my fasting count -usually between 96 and 112....
Please take a moment to reach out to Super_Sally888, and give a shout out for how much you appreciate her! She has been a Community Leade...
Anybody with gestational diabetes when do you know when your sugar is to low or to high...what are the numbers I should stay in between t...
So I found out today I have gestational diabetes and I'm really upset by this cos I am so careful about what I eat since the day I found ...
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