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My mom is diabetic with cardiac disease. Has anyone tried cinnamon capsules to help with BS? She has no energy..is tired all the time. I'...
I heard that a diaspider helps a child with insulin injections. It distracts and makes them less painful. Really need this thing
Hi, I had a question about my mother. She is 58 years old and is a type 2 diabetic. She has had diabetes approximately 12 years. She star...
I need to know Is Apple Good for Diabetes and Blood Sugar Levels? Does the sugar in them hurt or help? Does the form of apple matter, l...
I have diabetes neuropathy my feet hurt all the time I also have neuropathy in my arms I take Gabapentin. Is there anything else I can ta...
I also notice after eating, especially dinner, that the tips of my big toes especially the right one burn and are tender. It hurts to hav...
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