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Has anyone used Herbalife shakes to lose weight and their other products? I am told by the sales lady that her other customers have balan...
My current doctor has not listened to me when I use a diabetes medication and complain about pancreas pain, nausea, have been missing wor...
Can anyone who has been on insulin for a while now explain something to me? I have read that ideally, the amount of units of basal com...
I Am Seeing A New Primary Care Doctor And Will Be Having A Yearly Physical With Him Will I Have To Fast Or Will He Give Me A Lab Slip
I'm 27 years old, because of irregular work and rest, and I don't control my diet. Now there are hypertension and diabetes. How do you ...
I am starting to sweat in the morning after I take my dietetics medicine.
My daily routine for years was go to work, buy two donuts and a diet coke, eat fast at my desk lol, and then at lunch I ate food from the...
Want to know how people are reacting and benefits of this medication.
I am in a group that swears by it and has luck. Limit carbs to 30 to 40 per day. Very limited fruit allowed.
Hi I recently gave up sugar, a week now, and ever since I have had severe anxiety, feelings of being disconnected and being in a dream li...
I am type 2 diabetes and sometimes I get the shakes and lightdeadedness and feel like i am going to pass out. When I check my blood lev...
I was diagnosed with Type II diabetes 9 years ago and noticed a cyclical change in blood sugars that get worse, then better since 2015. ...
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