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Hi, This is my second post. After days of tears I decided I need to fight for this disease. This morning I had a piece of bread + soy m...
Does high pressure increase your chances for diabetes
I have type 2 diabetes. My doctor prescribed Byetta and I tried it for several months and the nausea side effects of it was devastating a...
I have been on Metformin, Januvia and Glimeperide for a few years. They are not controlling my diabetes. She wanted me to try Victoza and...
I am 56 year old male, diabetic type 2, have been diagnosed a year ago with ulcerative colitis, they prescribed pentasa as medication, no...
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Type 2 diabetes, im wondering how he is still feeling really tired and just nit right after we got his sugar back down he's sugar is usua...
I am in a group that swears by it and has luck. Limit carbs to 30 to 40 per day. Very limited fruit allowed.
I have diabtese type 2 since 2011 and always had a good control on it with A1c being 6.5, since i had my baby two years ago i have not be...
I check my blood sugar in the mornings. It is always high. I get frustrated and do not want to check it.
testing my sugar
Byeta worked great for me - lost 40 lbs on it the first time. Then it went to a higher tier on my Medicare plan and I could not afford i...
I recently was diagnose with autoimmune blood disorder in which the Pneumonia and the Flu vaccination triggered the disorder, now various...
What are the symptoms? what should you look for?
Hi one of our friend had a health checkup age 68y with diabetic under control ,came to know about fatty liver grade 2 and a renel calcul...
For the last three months I have been waking up feeling sick. Nasuea, dizziness, tired, headache. Also my appetite is completely.gone but...
I am on a very fixed budget and can not afford a big food bill. I would like to know how others shop that are on a fixed income. My docto...
I would like to stop taking the medication.

Which type of diabetes is worse to have?

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I am not familiar with diabetes I just know that it can get worse and can even affect the eyes.
I need help. I am having issues with my blood sugar being high, but I have been having difficulty believing that it is as high as my tes...
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