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Dr tested my blood sugar and it was 103. He didn't seem alarmed but told me we would keep an eye on it Curious what normal is for non...
I'm wondering about this topic. Does counting your carbs help prevent diabetes? An essential thing to do if you are worried about diabe...
I went in for my routine physical a couple of weeks ago and my doctor ran a number of tests. She told me my fasting blood work showed a "...
Any doctors in the house plz elaborate more on this !
I'm 40 male, 5'8", 140lb, white, British. I've been experiencing frequent urination but no other symptoms. I went to the doctors today...
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Both my parents are diagnosed with diabetes for over a decade. I have been trying to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle and have now d...
Diabetes is in my family,so I can get diabetes easily so what can I do to avoid diabetes.
I am 43yrs old man. Today I have done my blood sugar test by a testing machine after 3 hrs of eating. The result is 112 ml/dl . Is ...
Hi, I am looking for a good diet for pre diabetics that also is okay on my liver. High levels of AST, ALT, and Albumin. I eat healthy and...
what things do you do or know of (and need to then do more of) to help prevent diabetes?
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