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Hi everyone, I would like some serious suggestions.I am asking this for my father of age 50. Today I got a to know that he has diabete...
I have been a type 1 diabetic now for 17 yrs. For the most part I would say I am under good control. However, I have been addicted to s...
i am diabetic for 3 years and i want to ask can mango kush effect my health?
my mom is 51 years old , she has diabetes and blood pressure diseases . At first her hands started to feel itchy to a point where she c...
The VA is claiming I have type 1 diabetes and thus they are not responsible. I was 29 and 2 years back from Vietnam (III corps area, whi...
Yesterday I picked up my book to start to read and I couldn't not understand what I was reading! It was very difficult. I read and re-re...
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